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G o l d e n   E r a

Welcome! We invite you to share with us our hand-built models depicting
airlines and aircraft of the Golden Era and beyond.  In our site you will find
models not commercially available and only built for the love of Aviation.

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Douglas DC-3
Allegheny Airlines
Capital Airlines
Lake Central Airlines
Ozark Airlines
Central Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Bonanza Airlines
North Central Airlines
Pacific Northern Airlines
Southern Airlines
West Coast Airlines

Douglas DC-6

Braniff Airlines
United Airlines

Douglas DC-7

Delta Airlines
Pam American Grace Airways (PANAGRA)

Douglas DC-8

Delta Airlines
Pan American Airlines

Douglas DC-9

DC-9 30 Allegheny Airlines


CV-240 Ozark Airlines
CV-580 Frontier Airlines
CV-580 North Central Airlines
CV-580 Allegheny Airlines

Grumman Sea Planes

Goose G-21 Air Catalina
Goose G-21 in Delivery Colors
Goose G-21 Catalina Channel Airlines
Widgeon G-44 (Private)


F-27 Ozark Airlines
F-27 Piedmont Airlines
F-27 West Coast Airlines

Vickers Viscount 700

Capital Airlines
North East Airlines
Trans Canada Airlines

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To inquire about our planes:
Please email.