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Douglas DC-6

Douglas DC-6 wearing the Braniff International Airways livery

Short history and technical specs:

The Douglas DC-6 was built to compete with the popular Lockheed Constellation. It first flew as a prototype (XC-112A) on February 15, 1946. The DC-6 remained in production (DC-6B) until 1958. It was a fine passenger plane and remarkable to still see them in service in the role of a firebomber.

Specifications; (DC-6B) Engines (four)1,565 kW. (2,100 hp.) Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp CA 15 engines, Wing Span; 35.81 m. (105' 7"), Length 32.18 m. (105' 7"), Maximum take-off weight; 48,534 kg. (107,000 lbs.), Cruising speed; 507 km/h (315 mph.), Range 4,835 km. (3,005 miles), Capacity (as a passenger liner); 54 - 102 passengers

The Douglas DC-6 Display model in the Braniff colors now available on-line.

  • Hand carved from solid mahogany and painted with a special paint process. We have recreated the legendary DC-6 as accurate as the original. Wingspan 19.75 and Length 18.5.
  • US$135.00 plus $10s/h
  • Contact us how to order.
  • This model will surely be a conversation piece of your study or office.
  • Ask us for other airplanes/airlines.

All shipments Guaranteed:

We guarantee all of our shipments.Since these models will be shipped out direct from our model studio in the Philippines please allow 10 working days for delivery.We guarantee that the model will arrive safe or we will replace it no questions asked.